Here are some quick things to note about the NFL Flag Football rules.

NFL guidelines state 70-yard field by 30-yard. This includes each endzone being 10-yards, which means the actual running field is only 50-yards (endzone to endzone).
3 downs to get past mid field, or a TD. Once past mid field it’s 1st down and you get a new set of 3 downs to score a TD. No TD results in a turn-over which will put the ball at the 5 yard line of the offense and they take position.
Offensive players can not block, in any form. They can act as decoys or stand still forcing the defenders to go around them. The offense can not push or hold their hands out wide to interfere with the defenders in any form.
The QB can NOT run the ball. They can scrimmage behind the LOS but must pass or hand-off within 7 seconds or it’s a dead play.

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