California Sports Institute is dedicated to the concept of enhancing and personalizing high performance training that is fundamentally driven by honest, peer-reviewed sports science.

Whether you are an elite professional athlete, a young athlete passionate about finding out how good your best can be, or an aspiring coach looking to broaden and deepen your knowledge and abilities, we have the advanced level of world-class expertise to make your goals your reality.

True sports-science research driven training must not only be sport specific and position specific it must be athlete specific. No two athletes are bio-mechanically, physiologically, psychologically, or in fact genetically identical, therefore no two athletes should ever be trained the same! Each CSI athlete is exhaustively analyzed and out of this in-depth, real-science driven analysis, comes the training regimens specific only you! Our athletes are trained individually, one-on-one because science tells us they are supposed to be!


Whether you are coming off an all-pro season, trying to fight your way back from injury, or looking to extend your playing/earning career we can help you in your off-season training. CSI is the North American leader in advanced sports-science athlete training; we consult for the performance/rehab arms of NFL and NBA teams; we work with MLB TJ-surgery rehabbing players; we do the off-ice performance training for NHL hockey agencies; we train Olympic athletes prepping for Rio ’16; and we have a world-wide network of leading exercise physiologists, bio-mechanists and sports psychologists on speed-dial through our science research and collaborations… the California Sports Institute can help you, to be the you, that you KNOW you can be.


Our kids program is our way of helping them to become better movers, runners, jumpers, throwers, players, athletes, and laughter.

Day one of each weekly session is dedicated to teaching & developing movement skills through neurological patterning that cohesively addresses limb positioning, joint integrity & suppleness, bio-mechanical efficiency and lots of laughing. Day two and day three of each week, we take those movement skills and introduce and connect them to sports-play-based skills such as throwing a ball, or pulling a flag, or swinging a racket, or bouncing a ball, or stick-handling a puck, or catching a touchdown pass. Your child will see his or her movement and athleticism improve literally by leaps and bounds and their love of play and sport increase exponentially… your kids will have a blast!


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