Complete quarterback training, and camps in Arizona.

HOW WE TRANSFORM KIDS TO QBS. We know The Road. We have the map. We train the RIGHT THINGS, the RIGHT WAY, at the RIGHT TIME. We develop the WHOLE quarterback. Citizen. Athlete. Football Player. Quarterback. In that order. And the result is simply the best-prepared incoming freshmen in the country.


The foundation of Authority Football training begins with teaching the bio-mechanics of the throwing motion. Our athletes understand how arm mechanics affect ball flight. If a ball is a little high, or low, or right, or left, or wobbly, they know what they did, or didn’t, do to result this way, and can simply change the part of the mechanic that was off on the very next throw. It’s not magic; it’s just math.


Imagine shooting a perfectly calibrated rifle at a target – while standing on a surfboard in the ocean. Regardless of how great the gun is, an unsteady platform makes for a nearly impossible shot, rendering the highly-calibrated gun, useless. Our QBs learn how to be explosive, efficient, and accurate with their feet so that every throw is from the best possible platform, balanced, and aligned optimally to the target.


Routes are packaged in pairs or threes to create “stresses” on key defenders, the players we call the “read”. Our QBs learn to know who the read is on every play, how a combination attacks him, and how to make him wrong every time.


Route combinations are packaged into entire passing concepts that exploit defenses in different ways. We teach our QBs to understand the concept, its adjustments and variations, and how it attacks the weaknesses of different defensive coverage schemes so that we are always in a winnable play and can continue to move the chains and throw more touchdowns.


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