Arizona Flag Football Dominates at NFL Championships

Arizona Flag Football Dominates at NFL Championships

Congratulations to all the Arizona boys and girls that participated in the NFL Flag Football Tournaments!

Sixty-six youth flag football teams, representing all 32 NFL clubs, competed in the 2018 NFL FLAG Championship Powered by USA Football as part of the NFL’s Pro Bowl Week in Orlando, Florida.

Teams competed in four divisions: 9-10 coed, 11-12 coed, 13-14 boys and 13-14 girls. Arizona had a fantastic showing, as three different teams came away with titles for their age group. Champions included:

Flag Football Division 9-10 Coed:

Came from the program TEAM IMPACT – Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Players: Jack Bridgford, LJ Guzman, Gage Higley, Braxton Huynh, Michael Martin, Kyeon Murray, Gavin Myers, Reiss Rinaldi, Eric Rubin, Nick Utan
  • Coaches: Brian Rubin, Brian Murray

Flag Football Division 11-12 Coed:

YYFFA Browns, Youngstown, Ohio

  • Players: Dontaye Bell, Javon Bell, Nicolas Bengala, Shane Lindstrom, Ashton O’Brien, Nasir O’kane, Nicolas Ryan, Ty Stricko, Tanner Stricko, Michael Wells
  • Coaches: Dan Stricko, Paul Lindstrom

Flag Football Division 13-14 Boys:

Came from the program TUCSON TURF ELITE FOOTBALL – Tucson, Arizona

  • Players: Elijah Anderson, Chase Birdsong, Bryce Cord, Aydan Guenther, Cailin Knapp, Ezekiel Marshall, Jayshawn Ross, David Scott
  • Coaches: Josh Ahlvin, John Carioscia

Flag Football Division 13-14 Girls:

Came from the program TUCSON TURF ELITE FOOTBALL– Tucson, Arizona

  • Players: Rylan Bourguet, Logan Cole, Gianna Mares, Vivana Martinez, Makayla Roebuck, Tayvn Rogers, Kyana Vieux, Kyra Vieux, Emma Villaescusa, Sophia Warrick
  • Coaches: Sean Roebuck, Trenton Bourguet